Grace Rachmany

Bring it On

You’ve found me!

I do so much stuff. I have so many projects, websites, and social media links. Depending on your interests, “the best place to find me” will vary, so I’ve put all the places here, so you can choose what you want to know.

Maybe you met me at a conference, heard me on a podcast, or saw one of my videos by chance. Cool! Welcome!

Maybe you want to ask me something or hang out. Cool! I hold AMA hours on Thursdays.

Do you want to just find out more about what I’m up to?
Here’s my stuff:

Voice of Humanity

Voice of Humanity is an umbrella of all the projects and experiments I’m doing around alternative economies and democracies.

Priceless DAO

Priceless Economics holds most of my attention right now. We’ll be adding more to the website, including a whitepaper.

DAO Leadership

If you’re specifically interested in learning more about DAOs, registering for my 6-week workshop, or hiring me as a speaker or consultant, this is the site for you.

It includes a page with a lot of my videos, talks and interviews as well as a blog, contact information, and AMA hour registration.

ICO Whitepapers

Most of the stuff above isn’t paying my rent. ICO Whitepaper writing does pay the rent. I’ve written more than 100 whitepapers as well as blogs, websites, investor presentations, and other work. If you want to hire me for writing work, this is the place to find all the information you need.


My Medium blog is fairly wide-ranging as it’s been one of the main hubs for my blog writing for as long as Medium has existed. Lots of crypto stuff is here, but also a smattering of other writings.

The Mirror blog has not completely replaced the Medium, and is associated most directly with the Priceless Economics project.

Gangly Sister

Once upon a time, I set out to get more women into technology careers. My partners and I felt we needed to start with girls who are at an age when they are thinking about what they want to be when they grow up. We wrote a video series and a comic book. It was fun. If you love it and think you can do something cool with this project, please reach out directly to me for a discussion.


I prefer not to post on YouTube. My Odysee Channels:

Open weekly discussions on currency design and alternative economic models:

Open weekly discussions on governance, DAOs, and democracy:

Random videos: